About Us



She Paulie Boutique is an affordable option for eccentric urban fashions. We source the best quality fashions at the most affordable rates to maintain 100% customer satisfaction. Our merchandise is hand selected by the owner whose primary goal is to bring quality fashions to millennials that are reasonably priced. Frantasia Barnes (She Paulie) has always been committed to making the best selections in clothing and accessories. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, She-Paulie has spent time, effort and money in researching and developing a website that is easily accessible and inclusive of multiple options for every occasion. The decision to open an online boutique was finalized after numerous personal inquiries were received from friends and family regarding pieces she’s worn and displayed on various social media sites including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. She-Paulie strongly believes that anyone can look good if given the appropriate options at a reasonable price. As a college student, She Paulie, is determined to make a difference in the fashion industry by providing merchandise that appeals to the “forever changing” trends, while staying within the “forever changing” budgets of her customer base.